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Research Center –The HSLB of Long Beach makes its vast collection of photographs, documents, memorabilia and three-dimensional artifacts available to more than 3,000 individuals a year. Society staff and volunteers interpret the collection for students, educators, authors, historians, researchers, journalists, architects and government officials.  Community Impact: We acquire, conserve and are the repository for precious documents, artifacts, photographs and objects for the benefit of new generations of Long Beach residents.

Exhibits For more than 20 years, the HSLB of Long Beach has produced a series of three-dimensional exhibits at facilities all over Long Beach. Some of our exhibits include: The Navy in Long Beach: A Century of Collaboration, Long Beach Heroines and Passing on the Traditions.  Community Impact: We provide historical and cultural exhibits offering insight into Long Beach’s important people, places and institutions.

Historical Lectures-For more than 40 years, the HSLB of Long Beach has been actively presenting a diverse series of historical lectures. Topics ranged from local architecture to the school desegregation efforts such as the Long Beach Polytechnic High School Community Interracial Committee.
Community Impact: We illuminate the city’s rich history and spark community dialogue that engages families to think about the culture and values that make our city unique.

Book Publications –The HSLB of Long Beach has published nine books on the history of Long Beach including: The Pike on the Silverstrand, Haunted Long Beach, Strange Sea Tales, Shades of the Past, and Earthquake ’33.
Community Impact: We make available the history and culture of Long Beach to the larger world through the publishing of books that detail important periods, stories or neighborhoods of Long Beach.

“Tell Me Your Story” Youth Program - Founded in 1988 to promote National Women’s History Month in Long Beach, the HSLB coordinates a youth oral history program in partnership with the Long Beach Unified School District. More than 2500 boys and girls in grades 3 through 12, interview older women and write inspired essays of the struggles and achievements of their lives. The Society collects the resulting essays and showcases the best of the work in a formal public presentation.
Community Impact: We teach children that history includes important stories often about ordinary people and that major historical trends are revealed through ordinary lives..

Historical Cemetery Tour – The signature event of the HSLB, each year on the Saturday before Halloween a tour of two historically significant cemeteries is conducted featuring actors telling the stories of selected individuals next to their actual grave site. Through these historical recreations, visitors learn about the City and the lives of some of its earliest residents.  Some of the stories are of early farm workers and others are of citizens so prominent their names are known because of the streets, neighborhoods and parks that serve as local memorials to their contributions.
Community Impact: We teach families about what life used to be like, highlight the importance of cemeteries as historical places, and bring history to life through interesting facts and anecdotes about Long Beach and its  residents.



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