Sex with the Delivery Guy: Jenna’s Big Dick Sucking Video

Big Dick Sucking Video

Jenna watched that big dick sucking video and played with her vibrator when she heard her doorbell ring. “That’s weird”, she thought. “I’m not expecting anyone”. Jenna looked out of her large bay window and saw a delivery truck parked in front of her house. She was only wearing her robe, but decided to answer the door anyway. When she answered the door, Jenna couldn’t help but notice the massive man standing in front of her. She slowly looked him up and down, stopping at the gigantic bulge that was poking out of his pants.

Greg, the delivery man, was holding a small box, but Jenna still invited him in. Pointing to the table in front of her, Jenna said, “put it there”. Greg walked in front of Jenna placed the box on the table. Turning around to leave, Greg couldn’t believe what he saw. Jenna was standing there naked with her huge breasts and shaved pussy exposed. She had taken off her robe and was completely naked.

“Come here”, Jenna said. Greg walked over to Jenna and immediately buried his face in her big tits. He started licking her nipples and trying to fit each breast fully in his mouth. Jenna never had her tits sucked so good. Wondering how big Greg’s dick was, Jenna started rubbing the bulge in his pants. The size of his cock made Jenna instantly wet, big dick sucking was her favorite thing. She unzipped his pants and whipped out his cock.

Jenna started to beat off Greg’s dick for a few minutes while he was still buried in her tits. After a while, Jenna couldn’t take it anymore. She quickly fell to her knees and took Greg’s cock in her mouth. Jenna didn’t waste any time and began sucking Greg’s dick. She was obviously a professional dick sucker. She was bobbing up and down while playing with Greg’s balls. Even though Greg had a big dick, Jenna had no problem fitting the entire thing down her throat.

Greg had put his hand on Jenna’s head and was make her keep his whole cock down her throat for seconds at a time. After a while of getting his dick sucked, Greg was ready to fuck. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and reached down to pull Jenna to her feet. Greg guided her to the table where the box was and bent Jenna over. Greg got behind her and slid his cock in. Jenna had her hands face down on the table so that she could push back when Greg fucked her.

At first Greg was fucking Jenna’s tight pussy slowly until he heard Jenna say, “fuck me hard”. Greg did not hesitate. He started to thrust his dick deep inside Jenna. With every hard thrust, he could feel Jenna meeting his dick with her hips. After several minutes, Greg could barely take it anymore.

He gave one last thrust, pulling on Jenna’s hips so that his load of cum went deep inside her. Jenna screamed at the same time, “here I cum”. When Jenna and Greg were finished cumming, Greg pulled out his dick and said, “I’ll have another package tomorrow and we will make big dick sucking video for porn tube”.

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