Historical Society Forced to Move

After considering many locations, the board and I selected to relocate the Historical Society to a temporary space offered by the City of Long Beach located in the Security Bank Building at 110 Pine Avenue on the 12th floor. We will occupy 1,300 square feet of office space sub-leased from the City's Community Development Department for $1 a month. Community members throughout the city helped us to explore options during this crisis. Local organizations, building owners, realtors, volunteers and the City all attempted to find us a temporary location. A professional moving crew,volunteers and staff moved the historical collections to 110 Pine Ave and into storage at Camden Properties. Previously, we planned our next move to be to the permanent museum under the Looff roof promised by Second District Council Member Dan Baker and Camden Properties.

The site for the Historical Society's new Long Beach History Museum was part of Camden Properties' Conditions of Approval to construct its downtown development. The estimated construction schedule has continuously changed, originally set for May, 2004. A building permit has yet to be issued and the project is still in plan check. Camden assures us that once construction commences that the building will be completed in 6 months. We look forward to this new building and hope that construction will begin soon.

The fact that the City of Long Beach is supporting us and local history by providing space for the research center free of charge is an important step. This is an indication of the City's commitment to a Long Beach History Museum.

The 110 Pine Ave space will provide a research center, but now the Historical Society has no public gallery where exhibits and programs can be held. The temporary space accommodates a portion of the archive of documents, photographs, maps and artifacts. Other portions of the collection will be stored by Camden Properties, including two huge, steel architectural details from the demolished Pacific Coast Club that were moved by fork-lift.

This detour is expensive, causing the loss of grant income, double relocation costs, double packing materials, double labor, and additional planning. We closed our doors to the public on February 14, 2005 and have been consumed by this enormous task of packing the sensitive archival collection, moving and setting up again since February 1.

The expected expenses and decreased revenue are causing an already tight budget to stretch even further. As a result, many of you have made generous contributions. I appreciate this and encourage you to continue supporting history in your community by sending contributions. The Historical Society of Long Beach needs your help more now than ever!
Our research center opened again on May 3 at 110 Pine Avenue Suite 1200.
Hours will be Tuesday-Friday 1-5.