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As a nineteen year old girl who is rather shy and has only ever been with one guy, my long term current boyfriend – people don’t expect me to have dirty thoughts but I do, filthy in fact. It’s a normal Friday evening, I’m hanging out in my boyfriends bedroom at his parents house while he is at soccer practice. I start to feel a stirring down below and log onto my favorite porn site searching for the Erolash anal videos. I hastily take off my pants as the video loads and just as I’m starting to stroke myself, my eyes closed in ecstasy, I hear the door open. I look up and my boyfriend stares into my eyes before looking down at the rest of me, my legs spread up on his desk and the anal acts playing out in front of me.

Perhaps I should blush, he has never seen me in such a way before and we’d never even spoke about anal but instead I lick my lips and beckon him over.

“Well, well, well Chloe…” is all he can manage..

“Fuck me in my ass.” I pout, he looks shocked but kisses me hard on the mouth. I stand up, he turns me around and pushes me onto his bed. My face is positioned so I can still see the video playing out on his computer screen, I yearn for him inside me. Anal sex movies are not something that I have watched in the past and I am quite shocked at how wet I am, I’m positively dripping. I hear him open his bedside cabinet and pull something out, I then hear the pull of his zipper and instinctively point my ass even closer to him.

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I bite my lip eagerly, I think the pain is the part that turns me on. I look at the video before me, I can see that the woman is in pure heaven as she gets fucked up the ass by a black man.

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He kisses my back reassuringly as he goes out and in slowly getting my ass accustomed to this new feeling. I bury my head into the sheet, to bite it to stop myself from screaming out. I finger my pussy as he fucks my ass and it feels so good, I think I was made for anal.

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Lisa and I have always had a thing for pornography. We used to watch it together all the time. Sometimes, we would do it in order to get horny for our own fucking, but sometimes we just watched it to get some new ideas. Of course, there were some moments when we watched it in order to have a laugh or two because some of them are completely hilarious. So we got to the idea to make our own clip that would be featuring the two of us. Although it is technically porn, we thought it would be fun to try something like that. We gathered that, after watching that handjob compilation, we could make something like that and enjoy making it as well. It wasn’t meant for publishing, but it was meant for our own privacy. This movie celebrates our love, our lust for each other and our open-minded and fun loving spirit. This has been pretty easy since everyone today can make video recordings using their smartphone. We did that as well. Plus, there are tons of cool apps that can be used to edit those handjobs free videos and put them in one whole.

First part was a regular jerking off in our apartment. No faces were on that job, only a close-up of my crotch and Lisa’s hand unzipping my jeans and searching for the cock. I love it when she has long nails and paints them all in black. She also had tons of different gold bracelets that made interesting clinging noise, while she jerked my cock. At first, only her hand was sliding inside my jeans and you could see it moving inside it, stroking it. Then, when my rod became all stiff and ready, she pulled it out and started moving her hand up and down it, making a stop on the tip of my glans, circling her fingers around it. It was getting all wet as the precum was overflowing. Then, it burst with jizz and even some of the drops hit the screen of my mobile camera. She was touching it for a little bit longer and then played with the cum on her fingers a little bit more for the camera. That was really hot.

The next short clip was way shorter than the first one because we made it in public. It was made in the public transportation, more precisely, in a metro. I was taping it, while Lisa again slipped her hand inside my pants and started to stroke my cock. At first, she fondled a bit with it over the jeans, but then she got to real work and started jerking it off vigorously and using more and more force. Finally, I unloaded, so she had to take out a wet tissue and clean me and her hands up. I was filming the entire film. This time, we decided for her not to use the bracelets, because we didn’t want anybody to see us. The presence of other passengers and the idea that we might get caught made the whole thing even more interesting. When I watch that compilation I get the chills each time I watch that part because I was overwhelmed with the sense of danger and the pleasure at the same time. This is one is one of my favorites.

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It may seem to you that we are a little bit off as a couple because we like to watch Jessi Porno ebony cock movies online. You may wonder why we do that and what kind of a man I may be if I enjoy watching this with my wife. The fact is, both me and Sarah have realized that we are into some pretty kinky stuff and we don’t have the guts to go through with it. The closest we get to it is watching horny dicks in action. This is our story with some of the explanations and answers to the questions that a lot of people ask us. They are curious about our sex life, which is normal, I guess because we were just as curious about other people in our position before we started practicing this sort of lifestyle.

First of all, I am not gay and I am not bisexual. I am a straight man and I love my woman. I also get regular and strong hard ons and I love fucking my woman. However, I don’t have a big ebony cock. I have an average or little penis that I feel cannot satisfy my wife who adores getting screwed in all sorts of positions. She also has a fetish for huge rods. I love her dearly and I want her to be happy and satisfied. I constantly dream and fantasize about having a third person in our sex sessions. That would be a big black man who could destroy my woman’s pussy while I’m watching.

I thought that I was alone in these desires and then I realized that it is so common that it has a name. What I feel and desire means that I am a cuckold. My wife is called a hot wife and the third guy would be called a bull. I was afraid to say that to Sarah because I thought she would leave me for being a pervert. The whole lifestyle is called cuckolding and it involves letting your lady get fucked by another guy. Some cuckold husbands even get humiliated during that process, but that is not my style. In time, I spilled the beans and I was delighted to hear that she thought about the same things but didn’t want to seem slutty.

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We joined a couple of online forums and we even talked with some bulls and some couples. However, we never went further than some sexy Skype chat with those bulls. Somehow, we both felt more comfortable in the safety of our own house. We combine that with watching the huge cock clips in which we drool over those amazing rods ramming pussies of whores that cannot get enough. That turns us on greatly and it always ends up with the two of us screwing like crazy, dirty talking about those enormous dicks. We even bought a giant dildo that I sometimes use on Sarah after watching those ebony cock videos as we really need something bigger than just my small pecker.

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Vince picked up the hotel phone and dialed the number for room service. He ordered a cheeseburger and fries with a cherry coke and then hung up the phone. Vince had about 30 minutes until his food came, so he decided to take a quick shower and watch some Naked Sex Life hairy pussy videos. As he was getting out of the shower, Vince heard a knock on the door.

“Shit”, said Vince. The food came quicker than he thought. He quickly dried off and wrapped a towel around his waist as he made his way to the door. Vince looked through the peep hole and noticed a gorgeous Mexican girl with round ass standing outside the door. Her name tag said Maria. Vince opened the door and heard Maria say, “oh my”. The words came out subconsciously. She was looking at Vince’s dick peeking through his towel. She couldn’t stop starring at his huge cock. “A sweet hairy pussy”, thought Vince.

“Come in”, said Vince. Maria came in and purposely grazed Vince’s penis on her way by. She placed the plate of food on the table and turned around to see Vince standing there without his towel. Marie got the hint and immediately walked over and grabbed Vince by the dick. She was rubbing it at first until it got rock hard, then she started beating it off. Maria was aggressively stroking it all the way up and all the way down.

While Vince was getting his dick played with, he started to take Maria’s clothes off. First, he unbuttoned her shirt and took her bra off. Maria’s tits were both gigantic and perfect. Vince started playing with her breasts while he took her pants off. He was sucking on one nipple and had his hands all over the other one. Still playing with her breasts, Vince placed his other hand on her wet twat and started to finger it.

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“I’m really drunk”, Emma said to her husband Chris.
“Me too”, responded Chris. “We should take a taxi home”.

Chris pulled out his cell phone and called a cab. The married couple waited in the front hallway of their friend’s apartment building until the cab arrived. While they were waiting, the two of them started to get a little frisky and then even more horny. What started out as innocent kissing quickly turned into a passionate make out session. Chris was embracing Emma and had his hands all over her.

He eventually had both of his hands squeezing and holding Emma’s ass. After several minutes, Chris was fully aroused. His dick was completely hard. It was at that exact time that the couple heard the cab outside beep its horn. Chris adjusted his dick as he walked outside with Emma. The two of them sat in the back of the cab and told the driver where to go. They only lived a few minutes away and couldn’t wait until they were home.

In the meantime, Emma wanted to check drunk sex videos, but noticed that Chris’s dick was still hard so she started rubbing it through his pants. After a minute, Emma unzipped Chris’s pants and pulled out his cock. She started to aggressively stroke it. Before they knew it, the cab was pulling into their driveway. Chris zipped up his pants and paid the cab driver. He helped Emma out of the cab as the two of them started staggering toward their front door. Chris opened the door and closed it once Emma was inside.

Emma wasted no time and ripped of her husband’s pants. She dropped down to her knees and started sucking Chris’s still hard cock like a porn star. While she was bobbing her head up and down she was also stroking Chris’s dick very aggressively. After deep throating his dick for a long time, Emma buried her face in Chris’s ball sack. While she was sucking on his balls, Emma was still beating Chris off very hard. “I want to fuck”, said Chris.

Emma’s mouth was still full with Chris’s dick as she said, “OK”. Emma stood up as Chris undressed her. Chris led his wife to the living room couch and sat down. Emma immediately got on top of him and started straddling her husbands dick. She started fucking Chris very hard as she slammed up and down on his cock. Chris loved it when his wife was drunk and fucked hard. He pulled out his phone and started recording his wife going crazy on top of him.

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Jenna was watching that oral sex video, while playing with her black vibrator. When all of a sudden she heard the doorbell ring. “That’s weird”, she thought. “I’m not expecting anyone”. Jenna looked out of her large bay window and saw a delivery truck parked in front of her house. She was only wearing her robe, but decided to answer the door anyway. When she answered the door, Jenna couldn’t help but notice the massive man standing in front of her. She slowly looked at him up and down, stopping at the gigantic bulge that was poking out of his pants.

Greg, the new delivery man, was holding a small box, but Jenna still invited him in. Pointing to the table in front of her, Jenna said, “put it there”. Greg walked in front of Jenna and placed the box on the table. Turning around to leave, Greg couldn’t believe what he saw. Jenna was standing there naked with her huge breasts and shaved pussy exposed. She had taken off her robe and was completely exposed. “When women giving oral sex, it’s good”, said Greg.

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“Come here, I want unprotected oral sex, give me your cock for sucking!” Jenna said. Greg walked over to Jenna and immediately buried his face in her big tits. He started licking her nipples and trying to fit each breast fully in his mouth. Jenna never had her tits sucked so well. Wondering how big Greg’s dick was, Jenna started rubbing the bulge in his pants. The size of his cock made Jenna instantly wet, sucking big dicks was her favorite thing. She unzipped his pants and whipped out his cock. That huge penis was perfect for the best blowjob!

Jenna started to beat off Greg’s rod for a few minutes while he was still buried in her tits. After a while, Jenna couldn’t take it anymore. She quickly fell to her knees and took Greg’s cock in her mouth. Jenna didn’t waste any time and began sucking Greg’s penis. She was obviously a professional cock sucker. She was bobbing up and down while playing with Greg’s balls. Even though Greg had a big dick, Jenna had no problem fitting the entire thing down her throat. “It would be a nice big dick sucking video”, thought Jenna.

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Greg had put his hand on Jenna’s head and was making her keep his whole penis down her throat for seconds at a time. After a while of getting his dick sucked, Greg was ready to fuck. He pulled his rod out of her mouth and reached down to pull Jenna to her feet. Greg guided her to the table where the box was and bent Jenna over. Greg got behind her and slid his cock in. Jenna had her hands placed down on the table so that she could push back when Greg fucked her.

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He gave one last thrust, pulling on Jenna’s hips so that his load of cum went deep inside her. Jenna screamed at the same time, “here I cum”. When Jenna and Greg were finished cumming, Greg pulled out his cock and said, “I’ll have another package tomorrow and we will make more oral sex videos!”

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Jake thought he was dreaming about sex with huge ass teen girl, but he wasn’t. He could feel his dick being sucked. As he slowly awakened, Jake realized that it was not a dream. His sexy wife Sandra was going down on him hard. She was bobbing her head up and down like she never had before, each time shoving Jake’s cock down her throat more and more. Jake never knew that his wife could suck a dick so good. He loved it when he woke up with his dick in his wife’s mouth.

After several minutes of aggressively sucking his dick, Sandra started to slow down and play with it more sensually. She was sucking on his dick head like a piece of candy while gently stroking and caressing Jack’s thick shaft. Sandra kept massaging his ball sack while she sucked his big cock. It was definitely the best blow job that Jake had ever received. Now Sandra was sucking on his balls while she still stroked his long dick.

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Hey, my name is John James and I love watching Sex Lew free sex videos. Well, I am proud saying this as I am pretty sure that I am not doing anything wrong. Moreover, who does not watch free sex video? To be honest, the erotic movies have helped me explore my sexuality to the fullest. As I write this, I am confident enough to call myself the sex master. Therefore, I can offer you some sexual tips on how to satisfy your hot girlfriend’s sexual desire.

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One fine morning as I was browsing the internet, I came across an interesting site ( free erotic movies). The full-lenght movies on this site are more than sexy. They give me the urge to have sex that night. I want to try all the styles I saw in that sex video as they looked so sweet and interesting. The mourning teen ladies really gave me the craving to get laid that night.

During the evening, I found my way to the strippers club which is located a few blocks from my home. As I was having my drinks, my eyes came into contact with my dream 18 year old girl with huge tits. “She is the one I want” I said to myself silently. She was a tall, sexy, black lady wearing a mini skirt.

Immediately, my eyes were converted into an x-ray machine and I started picturing her naked. I walked slowly towards her and introduced myself. I offered to buy some drinks as we got to know each other. After drinking some few shots of tequila, we went to the dance floor started dancing. Her amazing dancing styles increased my urge. She rubbed her big black ass on my cock as she was getting down to the reggaeton music. This really gave me a hard on. My dick had stiffen up to a point where I could not hold on any more. I led her to the men’s room and locked the door.

Without wasting any time, we started kissing and fondling each other. I sneaked my hands into her mini skirt. “Whoa, this is actually my lucky day”, the lady had no pants!!!! This made me crazier than I was. My middle finger rub started to her clitoris gently as my other hand rubbed her breasts. I kissed her gently on her neck until she started begging for it. “John, I want it now” she cried.

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Her right hand stretched into my trousers and grabbed my big cock. She knelt down, opened my zip gently and removed my dick from its hiding place. Gently, she put it into her mouth and started sucking it slowly by slowly. Steadily, she began increasing her pace. OMG!!!! I had never had such pleasure. I could not hold or wait any longer.

A took a tablet of ecstasy, turned her over and asked her to bend down. I drove my shaft into her wet hairy pussy with a big bang that made her cry out loudly, “John, you are so sweet.” After some few push and pull, I asked her to jump on my waist. I carried her on my waist as we had unimaginable sex. With all the styles I saw on the porn movies, I tried a lot of styles that night.

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I made to cum several times before I had my first ejaculation. After 30 minutes of pure pleasure, I finally let go. As I had my cock contract, I immediately pulled it out from her pussy and ejaculated all over her body like in my favorite free video sex.

Through her confession, I learnt that she had never had such erotic sex before. She kissed my cock and put it back into my trousers. She wiped herself clean and pulled me back to the club. Since then, we have been in constant communication with the lady. As I narrate this story, am proud to say that we are now dating.

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I have to say that, what I’m about to say is all my opinion and it is just the expression of my taste. I came up with the idea of watching the natural big tits. I want to emphasize that I love all sorts of boobies and that all breasts are amazing and wonderful just the way they are. As long as they are natural, I adore them and cherish them. However, fI love all the ice-cream, but I always buy vanilla. The same is with the jugs. I dig them all, but I prefer them big. Here are some of the factors that I think about when I’m judging somebody’s rack.


I can see that most of the guys like to see nice cleavage, but when you ask them about the size, they usually say that their favorite size is ‘as much as will fit in the palm of my hand.’ I definitely don’t belong to that group of guys. Not only do I like them sizable, I like them massive. Jugs are the best when they are colossal, like pillows and when you can bury your face in them and when they absolutely cannot fit your hands. If she can stand straight and see her toes, that’s not good enough for me. I want them ginormous.


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When I talk about position I talk about two things. First, if they are positioned upper or lower and the second point, if they are close to each other or apart. My favorite is when they are positioned higher, rather than lower. This ensures that the cleavage will be remarkable and that they will not look saggy when the bra is off. The same thing goes for the closeness. A nice cleavage is made of two amazingly huge boobs that are close to each other. In that way, they tend to press against each other in the bra and create that bubbly movement when the proud owner is moving hands or walking vigorously. That is the effect to die for. In the sack, this means that you can definitely enjoy some tit fucking as they are close enough to press them against each other with your hard cock in the middle of the sandwich. I guarantee there is no guy who can resist that. So, those honkers are my favorites.


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In most cases, people compare the shapes of the breasts with fruit. The smallest ones are the cherries, then it goes lemons, oranges, pineapples and melons. You can definitely find some more shapes in between them, but these are the ones that come first to my mind. It is obvious that my favorite shape is the melons. They are large and they are round and pretty much defy gravity. Giant pineapples are OK too, but they sometimes tend lean to the downwards side of the scale. For that reason, as a real breast aficionado, I have to say that I stick to melons anytime. Those look amazing in every position during fucking, regardless whether you are pounding the girl from the behind, or in the missionary. Of course, the best view is when she is on top.


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This is where it gets tricky for me. From my experience, those amazing, generous hooters don’t always come with the nipples the way I like. They sometimes have large and pale areolas that I’m not quite fond of. I sure adore them luscious, but I prefer them dark. Also, it just sends shivers down my spine and my dick grows large when I see them pointed and aroused.

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